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SkandaLights Designer Tech Series
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Trade show & product lighting solutions

Display Supply & Lighting, Inc. is well known for its high quality lines of arm lights and display lights that are in stock and ready to ship. DS&L offers a wide range of types and styles of lighting fixtures and supply products. With choices ranging from basic technology incandescent to high technology LED styles of fixtures you get the same DS&L high quality in whatever product you choose.

Arm Lights, display Lights and exhibit lights are used to deliver light onto focal points or to wash lighting evenly onto backwalls. DS&L arm lights are perfect for adding light to a tradeshow booth, artwork in an art gallery, retail spaces, museum exhibits or work space. Having the correct tradeshow lighting or display lighting can help draw the attention of the crowd and additional traffic to your exhibit space, or to draw attention to your artwork and products. Contact DS&L today, we will be happy to assist you in selecting the best lighting and supply products that will meet your application or project needs.

Arm Lighting & Display Lighting Choices:

Our SkandaLights® brand is designed to deliver brilliant illumination and allows you to choose from over 60 different clamps and clips for the most low profile mounting solution to be used in your application. These high quality light fixtures are readily available in a variety of lighting levels and in varying styles and sizes. You can choose from straight arm, curved arm and flexible arm styles. SkandaLights® arm lights and display lights are available as line or low voltage fixtures, wall washing lights (to provide general illumination in an area), spot lights (to focus light on a particular area) or even in high quality LED styles. SkandaLights® Arm Lights are the perfect lighting solution to any trade show booth, exhibit or display space.

Designer Tech Series are twin armed light fixtures that are designed to deliver spot lighting to desired areas. These arm and display lights are lightweight fixtures with a clean designer appearance. Choose from styles with straight telescoping arms, wave shaped arms, straight with angled top, or arched style arms. You can choose from clamp on styles that allow you to mount to virtually any surface or choose the (TTW) through-the-wall installation style that allows you to locate the fixture exactly where desired.

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