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Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures

Slim Line T4 Fluorescent Slim Line T5 Fluorescent

Energy efficient with high quality light output!

Offering T4 and T5 Slim Fluorescent Fixtures, and Standard Fluorescent Light Fixtures.

Fluorescent lighting fixtures are suitable for tradeshows, exhibits, displays, commercial and home settings because of the energy saving potential, as well as the large amount of light these fixtures provide.

Display Supply & Lighting, Inc. has a large selection of sizes and styles of energy efficient fluorescent lights in stock and ready for shipping. Browse our online store to find the perfect fluorescent light to illuminate exhibits, showcase display cases, office workstations, back-lit signs, coves and shelves.

Search through our wide selection of T4 and T5 fluorescent light fixtures, that are sleek, linkable, and offer a high quality light output. If you are looking for an energy efficient fluorescent light fixture with high quality light output, you will find it here at dslgroup.com.