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Surface & Recessed Lighting Fixtures

LED Lights - Recessed & Surface Mounted Disk & Recessed

Learn About Surface & Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Surface and recessed lighting fixtures are the most versatile sources of light for both residential and commercial buildings and offer a general form of lighting that seamlessly blends into any space. Surface and Recessed lights are perfect for general lighting in any room or can also be used for task lighting when you want to just focus the light directly over a particular area. These lighting fixtures are perfect for lighting smaller areas (such as shelves, cabinets, soffits, etc.) or for use in areas where lighting is not desired to be seen.

Recessed lights are installed into a ceiling and are composed of three main parts:
  • Housing -- which rests above the ceiling
  • Trim -- which can be seen at the ceiling opening
  • Light bulb (types: halogen, fluorescent, incandescent or LED
Surface mounted lights are easy to install fixtures, as they simply attach to a solid surface without the need for drilling or cutting holes. Low profile designs make surface mounted lights appealing from both an installation and ease of use perspective.

DS&L has many options and styles to choose from. Some fixtures can rotate and tilt to direct light where desired and many manufacturers offer styles that allow for the use of various trims to give you the designer look you desire.

Browse our wide variety of contemporary and modern surface and recessed lighting fixtures and many more lighting products that will be sure to give you the lighting design your space needs.