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Mini-Track-Light-Connector-LA2 CLLA3 - Flexible Track Light Connector CLLA6 - Track connector
Mini-connector / straight connector Flexible connector End Feed with 3 wire 15’
cord & grounded plug
Floating Feed Track Connector CLLA8 - Conduit end feed Track Connector CLLA9 - Outlet box feed
Floating feed track connector Conduit end feed Outlet box feed
CLLA10 - End Feed Connector (top access) CLLA12 - Straight/L connector CLLA13 - T-connector
End feed connector
(top access)
Straight/L connector T-connector allows for the
joining of 3 pieces of track
CLLA15 - X Connector CLLA17 - Pendant adapter CLLA18 - Mono point adapter
X connector allows for the
joining of 4 pieces of track
Pendant adapter Mono point adapter
Ground Outlet Track Connector Adapter CLLA22 Weighted Base Connector CLLA52 Threaded Rod Mounting Kit
Grounded Outlet Adapter Weighted base with 3 wire cord/plug Threaded Rod Mounting Kit

Track Lighting Connectors

Our UL listed track lighting connectors give you the additional flexibility you need to create your own unique track lighting system.