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Trade Show Lighting and Supply Product Solutions

Display Supply & Lighting is proud to offer innovative LED lighting fixtures. Choose from many different styles and types of LED lights: arm lights, LED tape, Linear LED fixtures, Recessed LED lights, LED portable work lights, LED light emitting cylinders, LED illuminated cubes, LED light panels, as well as LED replacement lamps.

If you are looking for the perfect state-of-the-art LED fixture for a trade show space or business setting, contact DS&L to speak to our application engineering services. They will be happy to show you how to effectively use LEDs and other technology to effectively light any space. Most of our lighting products are designed for performance and ease of use - and to be concealed within the design.

DS&L offers a unique, turn-key solution of products and services to assist you in bringing your designs to life! In addition to assisting customers with the selection of products that best meet their application needs, DS&L also provides complete lighting layout, application engineering services, onsite installation oversight services and product selection assistance. Explore DS&L’s full line of LED lighting products that are perfect for exhibits, trade show booths, live events, and television.