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Track Lighting Satin Glass Cone Decorative Shade Mini-Track-Light-Connector-LA2 CLLA3 - Flexible Track Light Connector
Shades are
designed for Lock-Fit pendant fixtures
Mini-connector / straight connector Flexible connector
CLLA6 - Track connector Floating Feed Track Connector CLLA8 - Conduit end feed Track Connector
End Feed with 3 wire 15’
cord & grounded plug
Floating feed track connector Conduit end feed
CLLA9 - Outlet box feed CLLA10 - End Feed Connector (top access) CLLA12 - Straight/L connector
Outlet box feed End feed connector
(top access)
Straight/L connector
CLLA13 - T-connector CLLA15 - X Connector CLLA17 - Pendant adapter
T-connector allows for the
joining of 3 pieces of track
X connector allows for the
joining of 4 pieces of track
Pendant adapter
CLLA18 - Mono point adapter Ground Outlet Track Connector Adapter CLLA22 Weighted Base Connector
Mono point adapter Grounded Outlet Adapter Weighted base with 3 wire cord/plug
CLLA52 Threaded Rod Mounting Kit Halogen Replacement Lamp 75 Watt Halogen Flood Lamp 39 Watt PAR 20
Threaded Rod Mounting Kit
75 or 60 Watt PAR 16 Halogen Narrow Flood or Spot Lamp 39 Watt PAR 20 Halogen Flood
Halogen Replacement Lamp PAR 30 PAR38 Halogen Bulb 50 Watt MR 16 Halogen Lamp
PAR 30 Halogen Lamp
Narrow Floor or Wide Flood
PAR38 Halogen Bulb 50 Watt MR 16 Halogen Lamp - 35 Degree or 60 Degree Spread
75 Watt MR 16 Halogen Lamp 50 Watt GZ style lamp Flood MR16 GU10 Base 75 Watt Lamp
75 Watt MR 16 Halogen Lamp - 40 Degree Spread 50 Watt GZ style Lamp - flood beam pattern 75W/120V Flood Lamp - MR16 GU10 base
8W-LED-MR16-Lamp 9W-LED-A19-Lamp 11W-LED-A21-Lamp
8W LED MR16 Lamp, GU5.3 Base 9W LED A19 Lamp, E26 Base 11W LED A21 Lamp, E26 Base
7W-LED-PAR20-Lamp 10W-LED-PAR20-Lamp 10.5W-LED-PAR30-Lamp
7W LED PAR20 Lamp, E26 Base 10W LED PAR20 Lamp, E26 Base 10.5W LED PAR30S Lamp, E26 Base